Ka Boogie will turn your loved ones into pop royalty for a day.

Ka Boogie is the North East’s premier music and party bus. It is 12 metres of the coolest singing and music making venue on the planet. Join the party, make a CD and when it is all over we will drive away with all of the mess, leaving you stress free.


All of our staff hold CRB certification and have had more than 20 years experience working with children giving you peace of mind your loved ones are in safe hands. Our bus is covered by CCTV so you can watch the party from our external facing TV or if you prefer you can join us on board!

  • Are you looking for the perfect birthday surprise with a unique and original twist?
  • Does your child love to sing and dance?
  • Have they always wanted to be a star?
  • Then the Kaboogie kids recording party will make their dreams come true!


Ka Boogie Pop Star Recording Parties

Telephone: 07540 221 773 or email: mrjohnparkin@yahoo.co.uk